Reliably Knackered after a long ride…

RELIABILITY RIDE (organized by Airedale Olympic) 80km, 12/2/12

Following disappointment at missing the Croft Crit race on Saturday (cancelled due to ice) a few DW members travelled the short distance to Leathley in the pursuit of a hard training ride. Altogether we covered about 70miles, which is probably one of my longest rides ever, and considerably longer than anything I’ve done in the past 5months. Groups split almost immediately on the climb up Norwood Edge, with me trailing the first group with a group of about 5 men (varying as some dropped off / joined / took the short route), fellow DW member Jason Livesey and a couple of other strong riders towed our group along at a fair pace, with the leading group tantalizingly close for the first 20miles or so. My legs dropped off a couple of miles from the finish separating me from our small group, however Jason who was looking very strong all ride, kindly waited and made sure I got to the finish in Knarsborough ok.. Thanks Jason! Long miles + high saddle have given me a sore knee, which will hopefully recover in the next few days… a reminder of how important bike setup is!


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