Pink Tape!

The first step to healing an injury is to admit you have an injury… so after a week of denial (and two races) I realised that yes, my knee hurts. Last week, and after some pesting from an ewok, I confronted the situation; taking 4 full days off, and asking for help from sports therapist Stephen ‘ewok’ Jarmuz and physio Jenny Birch. Stephen did some specific massge and advised me to ice regularly, both of which really helped. Then I saw Jenny at the end of the week, who diagnosed the problem as a swollen fat pad underneath the kneecap – a ‘good’ injury to have as it should respond to icing and was caused by bike setup (high saddle) rather that a physiological imbalance. Jen also taped my knee in place with some pink tape

The days off also gave me time to enter some track races, I am especially looking forward to the Hull v Poland 3000m (Hull sounds particularly classy…) hopefully running on the track against some top athletes will spur me on to beat the 3k pb I set in Armagh…


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