Pedalling Squares

In a sadistic sort of way, the torrential rain that has characterised this week, has really suited my mood. Which has generally been bad… My headache (which started last Wednesday) continued through to this Wednesday, after a trip to the doc and my mum developing the same symptoms, it’s pretty likely that it was caused by some sort of virus. My mum (who has had bacterial and viral meningitus in the past) thinks its a strain of viral meningitus… In training my cardiovascular system feels normal, and my steady runs feel great, but when it comes to anything faster something strange has happened to my legs – they are slow!

Anyway on Saturday afternoon it was time for the second edition of Tockwith’s ‘Day at the Races’. Following my success in the first edition and at Tameside before that, I was feeling a bit cocky and opted to do a grass running session at Boddington in the morning before travelling over to the race which started at 2. This week there were over 20 ladies who lined up at the start, a good turnout; as the race began the heavens opened… and Brit rocketed off, doing almost 2 laps solo ahead of the bunch (it had been the plan for me to try and join her, sprinting from the start, but I couldn’t get clipped in, doh!). Lots of attacking meant a relatively high pace was sustained by the pack, and hypothermia from the heavy rain was delayed until post race. I tried attacking into the windy straight almost every lap, but my legs were hollow and the other girls reeled me back in easily. In the end it came down to a bunch sprint, and I found myself on the front pedalling into the wind, oh well might as well start sprinting now… almost as soon as I got out of the saddle I was swamped by the group and spat out of the back, so I sat up crossing the finish dead last and disappointed. Happily Brit powered her way onto the podium, finishing second behind Alice Barnes from Orbea. Post race, I sat in the car with the heating on full blast, shivering uncontrollably for an hour.

The previous Cat 4 race saw Ditchy finish 4th again, meaning he should get a shiny new Cat 3 licence in the post soon. Zack had a great race in the 2/3/4, easily earning him the ‘most aggressive rider’ accolade (if it were awarded…), but his efforts were not rewarded at the finish as he crossed in 8th. My headache returned on Saturday night, but had gone again by the morning.

On Sunday Dirtwheels sent a team to compete in the Rutland – Melton Cicle Classic, report by Neil Hendry on this link

On a positive note, my run mileage last week was 40, which is my highest this year and will hopefully benefit me in the upcoming track / road races. On the menu this week is the John Carr 5k on Wednesday, and a Northern Athletics meet on Saturday. Hopefully the weather, and my form, will improve!


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