Mr Burns

Mr Burns is heading up this post for a few reasons…. all the sunshine has left me and Zack (mostly Zacks arms) a bit toasty, most of our food has been barbequed this week, my body seems to be burnt out at the moment as a result of lots of racing… and I also really love The Simpsons!

On Saturday I tryed sometime new, completely new… hurdles! I went to the Huntington Stadium in York to represent Skyrac at 400m, high jump, 1500m and the 400m relay. However on arrival I realised my events were scheduled in pretty close proximity to each other and weren’t for a couple of hours. Skyrac also had an opening in the womens 400m hurdles which was the first track event… like a numpty I offered my services, only realising 10 minutes before the event that actually there are quite a lot of hurdles involved and that I had never so much as practiced hurdling more than one at a time. The race went as well as it could have in the circumstances, no injuries, just a bit of embarassment at my shocking ‘happy hop’ technique. 4th in 66.2 (the girl in 1st did it in 59.6!!)

My 400m was a closer affair, I just got pipped at the finish, coming home in 2nd in 58.5, only got 2 high jumps before the 1500m, won the 1500m, last leg of the 400m relay which Skyrac finished 2nd in with a new club 4x400m womens record. Overall Skyrac finished 3rd.

My legs still feel knackered from the Manchester 10k, so following a lousy track session on tues (my legs were full of lactic from the start) I’ve decided to take weds/thurs/fri really easy ready for the weekend’s English/ Northern 1500m champs….  FEEL THE BURN


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