Aviva UK and Olympic Trials

On Saturday we, Zack, Stephen, Brit and I, were Birmingham bound for the Aviva 2012 Trials. It was pretty exciting watching all the athletes I normally see on tv going through their warm up routines, and looking at the heat draw board to discover that I was running with Lisa Dobriskey (Commonwealth Gold, World Silver and Olympic 4th placed 1500m). The board also showed that on paper I was the slowest out of everyone…. time for a pb! After what felt like an age in the call room we were taken onto the track. Setting off I found myself on the inside near the back of the pack, with Lisa Dobriskey on the front dictating pace. After a relatively reserved first lap, she cranked up the pace gradually coming through 800m in 2.20 and speeding up.

The group began to string out, and I moved up a few places. On the final lap, usually my favourite, my legs felt awful. I hoped that in the last 100m I would be able to pull a few places but nothing happened, my legs were full of lactic (probably a result of the fast pace) and I finished a disappointed 8th. The heat was won by Lisa Dobiskey in 4.15.39 (the fastest heat) and my time was 4.22.78 (17th fastest overall) so at least a pb… a couple of seconds faster and I would have been in the final… something I am determined to do next year.

I watched the final at home on Sunday, after the Men’s ITU Triathlon in Kitzbuhel (won empathically by Alistair B with Jonny B a comfortable 2nd and David McNamee a breakthrough 9th). The 1500m final was much slower than the heats, going through the first 800m in only 2.28, things kicked off on the final lap when Laura Weightman (4:18.83) made her run for home, winning by over 3 seconds from Lisa Dobriskey (4:21.91) and posting an incredible 58.5second last 400m. Inspiring to watch, but I wish I could have been there!

The National RR was also this weekend, with Dirtwheels fielding a team for the first time. I was entered but was feeling so down in the dumps about the 1500m on Saturday that I couldn’t face another race (and almost certainly another thrashing) on the Sunday. From what I hear it was a good race with Sharron Laws and Ian Stannard taking top honours.

Last night, after a kind phone call from (author) Roger Norton to advise me that he had written an article that was published in the Yorkshire Evening Post, I headed out on the bike doing a quick loop around Almscliffe and stopping off at the Pool garage for the paper. Happily I found it, tucked it in my jersey (it was a good wind break!) and pootled home 🙂

Another week of training with perhaps a couple of ‘fun’ races thrown in (thinking about doing the last Harrogate Race League and either a bike crit or another Northern 2E track meet). Then back to the big leagues next week for my first BMC Grand Prix in Trafford – 1500m. This will be my 6th ever 1500m, so far each race has brought a new pb… here’s hoping for another.


2 thoughts on “Aviva UK and Olympic Trials

  1. I went to watch the Olympic Trails in Birmingham – first one I had been to since I competed myself in them in 1976! A brilliant 2 days of wonderful races…. but it was so terrific to see an Otley vest on the track!
    I felt so proud of you Rachael and thought you ran so well – positioned yourself just right, weren’t overawed and ran a P.B. – you should be well pleased as it is your first year of track racing.
    Good to hear you want to improve next year though!
    Hope you plan to do some more 800m.races and maybe a 400m or a 3000m not just 1500s – any coach told you what they think you will be best at?
    Caroline Marler

    • Hi Caroline, was lovely to see you on Saturday 🙂 1976! what event did you compete at, 800? Looking at your power of 10 profile you seem to have alot of All-Time UK records! I’m being coached by Malcolm Brown at the moment and he reckons 800-1500m, which feels about right – I tend to do the 400m/800m/high jump/ 4x400m at the Northern League events then switch up to 1500m for bigger competitions, but really want to try the 3000m steeple chase as it looks like fun! Hopefully see you at Otley/Carnegie soon, Racheal

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