Hot Cross Training

Due to a bit of a dodgy ankle… anyone who runs with me will recognise the steady click, click, click it makes as I run along… this week has been a cross-training week.

Monday – Team Time Trial practice (with Zack, Armo, Big John and Brit) along the Ilkley-Otley road

Tuesday – Easy 3 miles, Track Session: 3×300 @ 52secs, 3×300 @ 48-50secs, 3×300 @ 44-45secs

Wednesday – Easy 3 miles, Circuits at Club Energy (always a killer, working neglected muscles.. on Thursday my arms, back, tummy and bum hurt)

Thursday – HDSRL at Starbeck (last counting event in League series), 5miles

As usual the circuit class managed to hurt me the most, ensuring (along with a dodgy tummy) that the HDSRL was not the most comfortable 5 miles I’ve ever run. Despite my discomfort, Otley produced a brilliant showing at the Starbeck race, coming back from 2nd to win the Ladies, Team and Elite series titles. Ian Fisher and Matt John lead Otley home, finishing 1st and 2nd respectively, Liam Dunn was 10th and the final counter in the Elite ranking.

For the Otley Ladies I was 1st (and 14th overall), Gemma Ricketts 4th, Karen Best 7th, Laura Martin 9th and Karen Potter 16th all counting for the top 5 Ladies team.

The race itself was almost all off-road, across fields, bridle paths and a muddy trail through the woods. Very different from the road based races that typified the league when I first started running. Needless to say the bumpy terrain hasn’t done my ankle any favours and I decided to take the next few days off running. Photos courtesy of and Liam at

Friday – Bike ride, 1 hour 30mins, Langbar loop, met a bloke called John on the way back to Otley, who made sure our pace was a bit faster than I would have liked!

Saturday – Run 3 miles, bike ride 1 hour on the Almscliffe loop (during which the heavens opened and I was soaked to the skin)

Sunday – Bike race, Sherburn-in-Elmet, Ladies only race – finished 4th (out of 10…) not my most enjoyable race, due to a sever headwind on the 1 mile straight, all my attacks were easily thwarted… and after my multiple breaks at races at the start of the season I was a bit of a marked rider. The race was painfully slow, probably due to the small field and relentless wind. It came down to a sprint finish, and my legs just weren’t fast enough, starting my sprint with 200m to go into the headwind, I went backwards after a few turns of the pedals conceding 3rd on the line. Apparantly I need more meat on me if I want to improve my sprinting! Post race I went for a 3 mile jog round the track, watching the 3/4 race as I went. By all accounts the 3/4 was similarly frustrating, with the pelaton travelling slowly into the headwind and all breaks shortlived as they tired quickly on the windy straight. Another sprint finish saw Jason L inside the top ten, meanwhiles boss Neil practiced his xc skills as he was pushed off-road and onto the wrong side of the finish marquee. The E/1/2/3 race looked a more focused affair, with Rob Watson of DW getting in a break of about 8 which stuck, with Rob sprint finishing for 3rd.

After Sundays poor performance and the fiasco of cross country running on Thursday, I am feeling re-juvinated for track running… just as well really as I have a BMC Grand Prix 1500m this Saturday


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