Donny 5k

1st Lady, 20th overall – 16.39

Slipped in a cheeky 5k, to mix up my training this week. After holding on to the back of the chaingang on Tuesday (my second chaingang of the year) my legs were feeling a bit battered for the Wednesday race… Un-dettered I still made the trip over to Donny, and surprisingly my legs didn’t seem too bad! The course was a 3 lap town centre affair, with a gradual incline that had to be tackled 3 times. After a fast start I settled into a rythym, spending most of the race in a battle with a man in a yellow vest, as I passed him on the hill and he in turn passed me on the decent… happily I just pipped him to the finish. Mick Hill was also running (he came 2nd in this race last year!), so I had a friendly face to chase and warm down with… as usual and despite a foot injury Mick was a few seconds ahead of me across the finish line. All in all I enjoyed my visit to Doncaster, a great course with lots of specators, with the presentation held (as all good race presentations are) in a local pub.

Another chain gang sess tomorrow, ready for the National Series Stage race at the weekend….results:


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