UKWAL Stevenage

So Leeds put on a great performance at the furthest away league match coming 6th team.

After a couple of weeks heavy mileage (50 this week and last… incredibly I managed my 3k s’chase pb during one of my biggest mileage weeks of the year… just showing tapering is over-rated) and a tough track session on Tuesday and grass session on Thursday my outing to Stevenage with the team was aimed at improving my ‘chase technique and getting in a bit of speed.

For me the day started with some shocking hurdling in the 400mhurdles… somehow I managed to take off on my wrong leg (left, used only in case of emergency) on every single one of the hurdles… so considering I came to a near standstill over every hurdle while employing this bad technique I think my time of 64.8 for 4th is acceptable and hopefully one I can improve on if I ever try the event again.

Next up, after watching some great performances (my favourite being Claire Bear in the shotput!), was the 2k’chase. Even though my legs weren’t quite as sharp as I’d like I was really happy to clock 6.35.52 and felt great over the barriers and especially over the water jump which I really feel is coming together. In the PO10 rankings this time puts me at 1st for 2014 and 8th All Time. It is also a UKWAL record for all divisions 🙂 ukwal2ukwal3

Finally, and like the last match just 5mins after the s’chase, came the 4 x 400m. Again Georgia Y got us off to a great start and put leg 2 runner Sheryl P into the lead. Sheryl had a stormer and maintained the lead, passing over the Claire who had a great battle with some of the other 400m runners just getting passed in the last 150m to hand over to me in third. My first 200m was probably one of the fastest of my life as I hunted down and passed the girl in second. From there I was convinced I could catch first but over the final 100m the task became impossible as I battled the wind and lactic to collapse over the line… in a 57.7 split!

Our time of 3.58.5 is also the fastest club 4 x 400m since 1989!!

Next Stop = BMC Best of British 1500m @ Trafford on Tuesday

* photos from Sheryl’s mum Julie Punter



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