PC: Adrian Royle

I was very surprised to PB in Saturdays final BMC Grand Prix meeting at Solihull – pulling a 4.12.59 out of the bag for 4th place. Last weekend I attempted a steeple session that did not go well, practically collapsing at the end of each rep and cutting the session short. Following this and some other crummy sessions I was really unsure of my shape and probably wouldn’t have started at Solihull had I not been so desperate to salvage something from my 2015 track season. 20624832449_fa05a92b0f_o

20623608508_39192c8560_o20785313176_d9355333ca_oOn the start line I was not feeling confident, telling myself whatever happens I HAVE TO FINISH and aiming to keep mid pack to get pulled along. Turns out I did better than just finish and whatever happens now at least I can walk away from 2015 with new 1500 and 3000 pbs as well as a 64.1 sec 400hurdles (although Mike timed it as 63.7.. so I’m taking that) at the NOE 2EC League for Leeds a couple of weekends ago.

Claire also had a cracking run at Solihull winning the 1500m B race in style and a seasons best.cb

Even though I would have liked to be there, watching the athletics in Bejiing has been pretty inspiring, Jess Ennis is probably the epitome of what athletics should be about and her victory in the heptathlon has hopefully helped negate all the bad publicity surrounding athletics at the moment.

Looking at the women’s steeplechase heat results only running sub 9.30 was good enough for a spot in the final – that is serious quality! It is very inspiring to see three Irish women compete at this level and I hope the experience will stand them in good stead for Rio. I was sad that Lennie Waite was not selected for GB – I am sure the experience will fuel her to go on to greater things at Rio next year and I sincerely hope that British Athletics reconsider their selection policies for future championships (making distance athletes run 2 qualifying times is just crazy!).10985491_10153399298410845_7832983856950224954_n


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