UK Best

What a difference a week makes! Last week I was completely lacking in confidence… this week I am feeling pretty big headed about the whole running thing.

So last night I ran an All Time UK Best time over the 2000m steeplechase of 6.26.79 – this has been sent off for ratification as a BRITISH RECORD – however as the time was run at Stretford (which we have been told is not a ‘record certified track’) it may not be officially ratified. Either way I am a happy chappy as the time and the way I ran (72 last lap) makes me feel much more confident of my ability as a chaser.

video here:

I am also very grateful to the organizers of the Trafford Open who put on the race specially after Mike asked and also to the other girls, particularly fledgling chaser Charlotte Arter, who competed.

To be fair the 2k steeple record actually only equates to a 9.39 3k steeple (so UK record holder Barbara Parker will have run much faster, probably around 6.16 if it was even paced, during her 9.24.24 outing) but it is a step in the right direction….

UK All Time list here: chase 32k chase 22k chase 1



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