Cuddles with Snuggle Pork and other plans for 2016

So my last post was about the Road to Nowhere, and this post follows a similar theme, I am still in the dark about what is happening to my body and why it isn’t functioning properly, but in the meantime I’ve had some fun stuff to keep me occupied.

My #roadtorio has done a U-turn but 2016 is still shaping up nicely.

In 2016 we have had new beginnings on the rabbit front – my beloved Muffin chops passed away after suffering with a parasite since the summer and to keep Binky happy we rescued Jonas (AKA Snuggle Pork as he makes noises like a pig) who is a beautiful 3 year old lion head with a penchant for cuddles and mischief.2016-02-01 09.21.56[1]

My training partner Claire is in flying form and even though I can’t train with her I am enjoying seeing her race like a demon – she won the Yorshire and Northern XC champs as well as picking up silver in the National XC champs!

Zack and I had a lovely weekend up in the North East visiting Hadrian’s Wall and dining like emperors in the luxurious Langley Castle.

The Old Grammar School Gallery is closing in the next few months to make way for a ‘Stew and Oyster’ hipster style bar, but this give us back our weekends! It also means Zack and I will be setting up stall in some art fairs and trails, which we are pretty excited about.

I’ve got my act together with my art and put together a Facebook page and Etsy shop

headerI have also printed some tea towels (£6.50 from my Etsy shop) and have cushions planned as well in the near future. I made a New Years Resolution to keep a ‘proper’ sketch book, which is where the tea towel design came from after drawing lots of ‘netsuke’ style animal balls.cp tea towel.jpg

(a brief insight into what is happening running wise – in January I was beginning to feel normal again and exercising lightly everyday, but for whatever reason in February my tiredness and chest pains returned. A recent blood test indicated that my thyroid has gone from being normal to clinically underactive and my neutrophil count has gone from being normal to clinically depleted, also known as neutropenia, the rest of my white blood cells are also pretty depleted compared to normal. My sports doctor suggested that I look at my diet as a possible solution – I spat out my sweet potato, tuna and rocket lunch – and a chat with a nutritionist friend confirmed that while no ones diet is perfect mine is pretty damn good and there is no reason to think that a nutritional imbalance has caused my body to behave like it is. All my blood mineral results were normal / optimal and my iron level is the highest it has ever been, this combined with my limited injury history including zero stress fractures indicates to me that I am getting all the right nutrition… So now I’m pretty stumped, I’m going back to my GP to ask for a few more tests and keep an eye on my white blood cells and thyroid – I have a family history of underactive thyroid and my mum has recently given in and started taking the medication for it – but I genuinely don’t think that is the root cause of my symptoms and hope against hope to start feeling normal again… in fact that’s my main goal for 2016!)


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